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  • Jun. 10th, 2013 at 5:37 PM
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So, prepare to be quite gobsmacked by the size of this update.

So, the couple of weeks after the concert I kind of went into a space where I shut a lot of people out for a bit because I tend to do that when I’m having a real shit time for some reason. I didn’t really socialize in ventrilo when playing WoW, only really showed up to raids as far as actually playing goes, etc. But I am not too hard on myself about that fact.
I ended up filling up all that free time with stupid reality shows (Kitchen Nightmares, Extreme Couponing, etc), on netflix. It was kind of nice to just shut my brain off mostly, or have a good cry at sappy stuff that happened.

So that basically gets me up to my Wisdom (+ a few other) teeth extraction surgery on the 6th.

I stayed up the night before because I had only woken up at like 9PM and I knew i’d not be able to sleep with the Surgery looming. So time dragged at times in the night, and was way too fast in other parts. We left about 7 or so from here, picked Grandma up, and then mom dropped us off at the office. When we walked in, nobody was in the office yet so we had to wait outside the door for like 5 minutes and I was all nervous that i’d went to the wrong place. An assistant came though and opened the office, and we took our seats in the waiting room. I was actually pretty calm all morning. I think I had just spent so much time worrying about it that I physically couldn’t anymore. Well I watched the “today” show while I waited. It was only about 10 minutes I had to wait to get called back to the room. They took my vitals and then 5 minutes later everyone came back and started hooking me up to stuff. They first slipped the Laughing Gas on me, which didn’t take long at all to work. I forgot what it felt like. It felt like taking 20 shots of liquor in 10 seconds. The last thing I remember was them slipping the needle for the IV in my arm. I awoke an hour and a half later, groggy, and with awful cottonmouth (which was just from the gauze). I was surprised at the lack of pain that I felt when I woke up. The most annoying thing about the first couple hours was the gauze and the bleeding (which was quite profuse), I looked like a vampire. We got my meds and headed home. I don’t remember a whole lot about the very first day after that, except for that I let everyone know that I was okay, and then I passed the hell out, and then talked to Canada, Belle, & Co when I woke up. Days 1-3 were very weird, and I listed in and out of consciousness for the most part. When I was awake I was glued to my iPad doing miscellaneous things (chatting on skype, and facebook, and listening to tunes on Turntable with Tara). Yesterday, a family friend, Jodi (she was my step-dad’s nurse at the nursing home before he came home, and mom’s in home health care nurse after one of her surgeries), stopped by. She went to Casey’s and got them a Sub for dinner and and got me a cold Coca-Cola; which was fucking amazing. We talked about Kathrynn, a girl that was murdered close by, and Jodi’s experience of volunteering to help look for her before they found her body the other day. It was just good to see her cause it had been a while. Last night I finally sat at my computer for the first time since. I watched the finale of Game of Thrones [loved it]. I didn’t sleep in my bed, though. Today I woke up at 11 or so and moved right to the computer. I think it’s good for me to sit at the computer as it promotes a posture that is good for letting my jaw relax and the tissues heal. One thing though that’s a thread throughout the last 4 days is that I started a Doctor Who (2005 series) re-watch. I’m currently at the end of Season 2. I forgot how many feels I had about 9, 10, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Peter, and all of the pre-11 cast. Just omg lol. But yeah, that’s pretty much it. Still on soft foods atm, hopefully that will change soon, though! :) I am just glad I got this done early in the summer so I can still enjoy from my birthday on hehe. I am going to get my drink on very soon! It’s been like a month or two since i’ve had anything to drink (which isn’t a bad thing imo). All in all May/June has probably been the most important time in my life in a number of years as far as things that happened to myself and not to people around me go. I can’t really think of anything else that I wanna add to this so i’ll end this here!

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