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  • Jun. 14th, 2013 at 5:59 AM
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So, since I last saw you guys, it’s been a stable sort of few days. Just been listening to a ton of music really. I finally started sleeping semi-normal lengths of time again, which i’m glad because I am pretty sure lack of sleep was only fueling the mild depression that was spurred by the extractions. I finally also had a semi-normal meal yesterday, and that was the tastiest fucking meal i’ve ever had in my life lol. I feel like mentally in my head and to those who’ve been in the heaviest of contact with me these past 8 days I seem like i’ve been a giant baby lol idk. I know it’s just the frustration with how slow the healing seems (though it’s been objectively pretty damn fast), as my mood improves by the day. I guess the toughest part in all of this has dealing with the awful taste i’ve had in my mouth as a byproduct of all the bodily fluids that come with healing. It’s like being run down by a giant scary creature while you’re strapped to a chair and you can’t escape it, absolutely maddening. No amount of mouthwash, water, etc can cull it from your mouth when it’s in the heaviest stage. Now, it’s not so bad, tolerable even. I definitely won’t lament when it’s completely gone lol. I am really excited for the most part for today. Me, Mom & Gary are all going to Marshalltown (my home town, about 100 miles away). We’re going to go put some flowers on my biological grandmother’s grave (maternal). It’s been a while since we’ve been to see her, so i’m glad that we get to do so. Also i’m getting a Strawberry shake from Maid Rite and some motherfucking burgers and fries. [I couldn’t help but notice how close we are to waukita…../twisterquote]. All in all I guess I can’t be too disappointed in the healing process, it definitely gets better every day, and i’m sure in another week’s time I won’t even notice that I had anything done until I slip my tongue into the wrong spot of my mouth lol (that sounds dirty). I’m going to stop typing now though cause I shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard at this early hour.

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