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Birthdate:Jul 6
Location:Fort Dodge, Iowa, United States of America
I have had a very interesting journey through life. Currently, I am the full time caretaker of my parents. My step-father contracted Guillain Barres syndrome in late 2011, and is partially paralyzed from the waist down. He is (probably permanently) wheelchair bound for the most part. He can walk a bit with a walker and can get himself in/out of the car and other necessary places. My mother has had a number of joint replacements, the most serious of which is her right hip which was done improperly leaving her with no hip on that side. I help them clean, shop, cook, and travel, so it means that I need to be at home 99% of the time so if they need me I am here. I have really fucked up sleeping habits. Sometimes i'm perfectly normal (like right now). Other times i'm a completely nocturnal person, staying up til 7 AM and getting up at 3 or so in the afternoon. It can be difficult at times, but i've learned how to work around it for the most part.

I am a huge lover of film, television, and music. Those are really big things for me. I spend a lot of time watching movies or shows, and the rest of the time i'm (usually) listening to music. My favorite genre is Metal, and I listen to all of the variants of it. But my tastes musically are not limited to that. Besides Metal there's also Vocal Trance, Ambient, Neue Deutsch Härte, Country, Classical, Blues, Some pop, older rap/R&B, and electronic music of any sort. When it comes to TV Shows, I love Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime Procedurals, Mystery, Sitcoms, Animated. In Movies, I tend to like B rate horror flicks, Romantic Comedies, Documentaries, Musicals, Comedies, and Action.

Main Fandoms: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter, General Whedonverse
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