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I am 1000% done with this stuff

  • May. 8th, 2013 at 7:31 AM
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So, i finished up my bottle of Clindamycin on Saturday. Everything has been fine for a little bit now, until last night. I felt the warm sensation in my cheek again, and I freaking knew it was the infection coming back. So, I guess i’ll have to call the drugstore and have them fill another bottle for me and either have it delivered or take a taxi over to the store to get it. All I know is this is like the last thing I want or need right now, because I need to be alright so I can go visit mom in the hospital. Speaking of which - they took the hip out of her right side (it was an artificial joint, of which she’s had 2 on that side, and 4 or 5 surgeries now). They found some areas of infection in her leg which we figured there were anyhow. The plan for her right now is for her to heal up from this surgery and hope the infection clears out and discuss options at a later date in regards to putting another joint in there. For now though, the docs say she should be fine to walk on it in a couple months without a joint. But, as i’ve stated before in my last post i think, if the infection does not clear they will have to amputate her leg. I just am at my wit’s end with all of this stuff at the moment. Thankfully though, right now the pain isn’t near as bad at the beginning of this abscess acting up again (maybe the chipped tooth I have back there had an exposed nerve and it died so that’s why it’s not so painful now?) I just hope by having another bottle ready to go and getting some in me earlier will save me the amount of suffering I went through a couple weeks ago. June 6th cannot come fast enough.


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