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Not bad, Wednesday, not bad at all.

  • Apr. 17th, 2013 at 11:07 PM
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So, my day was enjoyable. Nothing too exciting to write home about, but nothing of note either. That whole no news is good news kind of a thing. I slept in kind of late today (1PM), and then I proceeded to get the rest of the LFRs that I could do on my Death Knight out of the way, and Valor Capped him so if I don’t play too much the rest of the week besides raiding, I don’t have to feel so guilty about it. After that it was off to youtube, where I’ve been watching Home Improvement. Someone uploaded pretty much the entire series saves for a couple episodes, and the missing ones I found other copies of on youtube. I’ve compiled them all into playlists separated by seasons so it’s easy to watch, kind of like if it were on…oh say…NETFLIX *hint hint*. Then I ran a couple of heroics on my mage with Sean. By the time I got done with that it was like 4:30 and I had no idea what time mom and gary were leaving for church so I stopped playing wow and went back to watching Home Improvement. After they left, I reformatted the computer cause it’d been kind of laggy and just needed a good kick in the ass, and hadn’t been formatted in six months or so, so the OS rot was setting in. Then we raided Mogu’Shan Vaults tonight for shits and giggles. Got my monk in on a couple of bosses woohoo!!! They brought Mcdonald’s home for dinner after church :). I do love their fries mmm. I’ve been kind of craving a milkshake lately for some reason. I think tomorrow, though, i’m going to order me some of that new crazy cheesy crust stuff from Pizza Hut. As for the rest of my evening, well I think it’ll consist of re-installing software, and probably giffing a little bit, until Vicky gets home, then Skype with her til’ sleep if she gets home before I get tired (or she isn’t already asleep and I just don’t know it yet).


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